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Family Law in Las Vegas Metro

Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Testing for Family Law

If you are a practitioner of family law, specializing in divorce, child welfare, or estate law, ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas Metro can provide the court-admissible drug, alcohol, and DNA testing you need.

We provide the professionalism and accuracy of a nationwide testing operation with the convenience and customization of a local, specialized facility. This means we can work with you to determine the right type of drug, alcohol, or DNA testing for specific cases.

Our Testing Capabilities

Attorneys specializing in family law need a variety of court-admissible drug, alcohol, and DNA testing. At ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas Metro, we’re equipped to perform collections for a range of key tests, including the following:

Paternity Testing

Verify paternal relationships for divorce, child custody, or child support disputes. Our results are always accurate, court-admissible, and confidential.

Infidelity DNA Testing

Divorce proceedings, especially those involving prenuptial agreements, may require infidelity testing to confirm physical indiscretions.

Child Exposure Drug Testing

Passive exposure testing can be used to identify passive exposure to or ingestion of drugs. Results can be crucial in determining child placement in custody disputes.

Relationship DNA Testing

Attorneys specializing in estate law can use relationship DNA tests to substantiate or refute inheritance claims.

Custom Testing Programs for Family Law Practitioners

As an attorney, you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your cases; we take the same stance when it comes to conducting drug and DNA testing collections for family law.

When you elect to work with ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas Metro, you’ll benefit from our customization and extensive testing capabilities. Our team will work to understand your specific needs and deliver a program that suits the unique cases that come through your door. This can entail:

  • Inclusion of hair or nail testing to extend windows of detection for substance use
  • Developing follow-up programs to ensure legal requirements are met
  • Testing of unidentified substances
  • Ordering ChildGuard® tests for detecting passive exposure or ingestion of drugs
  • Scheduling testing time that are flexible to fit both your client needs and your trial needs
  • Off-site, on-site, and mobile collections
  • Serving as custodian of record or testifying in court, as needed

If you have questions about how our capabilities might apply to your family law cases, contact ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas Metro.

Safe & Streamlined Collections Processes

Family law cases involve extremely sensitive subjects; many involve the welfare of children and in some cases, adults.

At ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas Metro, we maintain a safe, secure collections environment and follow established collections processes to ensure both the admissibility of test results in court as well as the security of all participants. When conducting collections for paternity testing, for example, we schedule alleged fathers, mothers, and children separately to avoid potentially difficult interactions. When collecting specimens for drug and alcohol testing, we use discretion to preserve the confidentiality of all parties.

We will also work with you to create an expedited test ordering process that fits your needs. Whether you prefer an electronic system or a paper form that you or your clients can fill out to initiate testing, we have a solution.

If you’re a family law attorney in need of drug, alcohol, or DNA testing, contact ARCpoint Labs of Las Vegas Metro today for a custom testing program!

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.

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