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Sober Workplace

Does Legalization of Marijuana Create Addiction Problems?

Marijuana legalization has become a reality in a number of states. Many people see marijuana as a harmless drug. However, legalization can have a negative impact on people who have addiction issues. H...

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Your Health Choice

How an Overactive or Underactive Thyroid Affects You

Do you feel inexplicably energized, even at the end of a long, tiring day? Or, perhaps you feel lethargic and fatigued, but you can’t pinpoint why you should constantly be feeling that way. If y...

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About STDs

STD Prevention and Condoms-Do They Help?

No type of condom prevents sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) 100% of the time, however, if you and your partner are having sex, nothing protects against STDs better than a properly used condom. Pr...

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Celebrity Down and Out

Lamar Odom Checks Out Of Drug Rehab Facility

Lamar Odom has recently finished completing a 35 day stint in rehab and will be heading back to his home in Los Angeles.   Odom entered the San Diego treatment facility last month as a preventative ...

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ARCpoint Labs in the News

ARCpoint Labs Sponsors Prize for Red Ribbon Week and National Family Partnership

ARCpoint Labs recently announced their partnership with National Family Partnership as a sponsor of the 2016 Red Ribbon Week Photo Contest. Red Ribbon Week promotes a drug-free lifestyle for families...

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Workplace Wellness

Creating A Wellness Culture in the Workplace

The workplace has a significant impact on employee health. When wellness is emphasized, they feel better about their employer and themselves. This means that the workplace also benefits when a culture...

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